Landscaping season is around the corner and Advanced Landscaping and Sprinklers wants to be your first choice for landscaping services in Fort Collins. With years of experience, we know the area well enough to ensure you get beautiful landscapes that will last.

Colorado has some of the country’s most diverse topography — with eight different climate zones defined within the state — and the soil in Fort Collins reflects that. When you see young, dying trees by the side of the road, it’s a result of inadequate knowledge on the part of the landscaping company. With our landscaping services, we’ll make sure you get the right plants in the right places so that they can thrive.

Don’t let your home or neighborhood fall victim to a landscaping services company that thinks you put a plant in the ground and that’s all there is to it. Trust the expert professionals at Advanced Landscaping and Sprinklers for a full range of landscaping jobs that will be done in a knowledgeable manner and last for years.

Landscape Installation & Renovation

As we’ve said, at Advanced Landscaping and Sprinklers, we’re capable of completing any landscaping services you might need, and that’s true even if you’re starting from scratch. With so much development happening in Northern Colorado, new homes are left with pretty standard lawns, but we can help you turn your lawn into a beautiful landscape that will set a new standard among your neighbors.

We’ll work with you to help create a design that matches your personality, and plan an installation process that takes into consideration the most effective methods for your particular lawn. Whether you’re looking to design a dream lawn to go with your dream home or you’re going for crowd-pleasing curb appeal, we’re confident you’ll get a beautiful landscape when you choose Advanced Landscaping and Sprinklers for your installation needs.

Our wide range of landscaping installation services covers everything from flowers and shrubbery to trees, patios, and hardscapes. To get the best, longest-lasting results, a carefully planned installation process is key. Different elements of your design may need to be installed at different points in the year.

Best Time For Landscape Installations

As we’ve said, planning is a crucial element in getting the exact specifications you want for your landscape installation. Our landscape service experts know the best times to do certain types of work, but here are a few pointers to give you an idea of the intricacy of the work.

Best Planting Times For Different Flowers and Vegetables

  1. Fall Planting- Aside from spring, fall is the best season for planting and critical for those who want to have plants in bloom throughout the year. There is a large number of flowers and vegetables that will bloom in the winter and early spring if you get them planted in the fall. Here are just a few:
      • Flowers — Pansies, violas, primroses, alliums, daffodils, snowdrops, polyanthuses, wallflowers, Dog’s-tooth violets, winter aconites, sweet williams, forget-me-nots, and calendulas
      • Vegetables — Swiss chard, carrots, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kale, radishes, broccoli, chives, and peas
  2. Early Winter Planting — Winter doesn’t seem like the time to plant anything, but landscapers and gardeners know that some of the best spring colors come from plants that can be placed in the early part of winter. As long as you can get past frozen topsoil, most bulbed plants will still be blooming by spring even if you don’t get them in until November or December. Certain bulbed and shrubbed flowers grow best when planted during this time of year, including:
      • Bare-root roses
      • Tulips
  3. Late Spring Planting — Many staples of our vegetable and flower gardens grow best when they’re planted towards the tail-end of spring. It’s important that you make sure you’ve made it past the last frost of the season to avoid undoing your hard work. Here are just a few of the plants and vegetables that thrive when planted in late spring:
      • Flowers — Tall bearded irises, garden peonies, rock cresses, coneflowers, daylilies, sedums, begonias, geraniums, marigolds, snapdragons, and ornamental kale
      • Vegetables — Peppers, tomatoes, summer squash, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, eggplants, melons, gourds, southern peas, and okra
  4. Summer Planting — If you happen to miss the spring planting season, that doesn’t mean you have to pack it up and wait until next year to spruce up your landscape. There aren’t as many options in the summer as there are in the winter or spring, but there’re still plenty of colorful flowers and delicious veggies that can come through for you when planted in the summer. Here are a few:
      • Flowers — Black-eyed susans, asters, lantanas, blanket flowers, verbenas, zinnias, hibiscuses, and purple coneflowers
      • Vegetables — Bush and pole beans, dark-green leafy vegetables, beets, carrots, cucumbers, squash, and basil.

The Best Planting Time For Shrubs and Trees

Part of the reason that fall is such a great time to take on landscaping services — or a fully new landscaping installation — is that the cornerstones of many landscape designs are trees and shrubs. Obviously, more long-term installations than flowers and vegetables, trees, and shrubs grow best when planted in the early part of fall and don’t have as much room for variation.

The reason that fall is the best time to plant these installations is because of the relatively easy-going nature of the season. For most of the season, you can safely avoid the extreme temperatures, high winds, or heavy precipitation that might doom young foliage. Meanwhile, the soil is still at a warm temperature, allowing root systems to be stimulated and expanded before the hard winter months.

The combination of cooler, but still somewhat warm, air and soil, along with regular watering will allow your plants to get the foundation and nutrients they need to survive the winter, thrive in the spring, and make it through their first summer unscathed.

When to Install Hardscaping

The difference between hardscaping and landscaping is that hardscaping refers to all the elements of your lawn that aren’t living features. While there are certainly better and best times to install these features, they’re not nearly as fussy as plants. Unless installing the feature requires extensive work into the soil, we can most likely install any of the hardscaping features you’d like at any time. However, we’d suggest doing these larger features during the summer or winter when your options for planting are most limited. Once installed and primed, the hard features of your landscape installation won’t be affected by weather, apart from the normal wear and tear that occurs over years of use.

When It’s Time For Landscape Renovation

Sometimes all you need is a little upkeep to help your landscaping look fresh. Our landscaping renovation experts can come in and provide all the services that may only be needed a couple of times a year, or once every couple of years. These services might include:

  • Tree mulching
  • Tree trimming
  • Tree and plant removal
  • Turf renovation
  • Restoration after a storm

It could be that you or someone else has already attempted a landscape installation on your property, and whether it’s cracks in your hardscape or failing and dead plants, you’re seeing the need to do something different.

The landscaping renovation and service professionals at Advanced Landscaping and Sprinklers can work with the landscape you already have to help make it whatever you desire. Sometimes HOA’s or developers institute designs that won’t last for the long haul. If needed, we can make sure your flowers, trees, or shrubs get replaced with versions that will last, and if your hardscapes are falling into disrepair, we’ll do all we can to reinforce them and let you know whether a permanent change is needed to avoid further repair costs.

The Benefits of Landscaping Installation and Renovation

The biggest reason to have a landscaping installation or renovation is probably obvious — curb appeal. It’s the reason why so many of the homes we deal with have landscaping problems in the first place, because the previous owner wanted to get in some quick pieces to drive up the value of their home. While this almost always works, there’s a right way and a wrong way to design your landscape. If you do it the right way, here are some other benefits you can expect:

  • Turning unused spaces into functional areas
  • Reducing your utility bill with well-placed trees and shrubs
  • Fewer weeds because of strong and diverse plant life
  • Increased privacy, because of fencing or plant life
  • Water conservation through mulch, water-wise plants, and drip irrigation

If you’re considering having a landscape restoration or installation done, the benefits can far outweigh the costs. When you’re ready, contact your Fort Collins landscaping services experts at Advanced Landscaping and Sprinklers and together we’ll get you your dream landscape!

Landscaping Maintenance

After you’ve had your landscaping installation or renovation done, or even if you already have a well-established one, you’re going to need landscaping maintenance to help keep your space as beautiful as the day you finished its installation. Advanced Landscaping and Sprinklers has the tools and the landscape servicing experience to make sure your landscape stays healthy year in and year out.

While looks are most people’s first concern when it comes to maintaining their lawn, landscaping services done regularly to maintain your lawn can have a number of benefits, including:

  • Pest control, because pests thrive in untamed lawns
  • Water conservation, because dense lawns absorb rainfall more effectively
  • Increased air quality around your home, because of the purifying effects of plants
  • A cooler surface temperature for your lawn, with more greenery to absorb sunlight
  • Fighting soil erosion, because of the added structure that roots provide
  • Providing a living space for local wildlife, because trees and shrubs are critical to the survival of insects and other small animals like birds

At Advanced Landscaping and Sprinklers, we know the importance of all these factors and will keep them in mind in the process of maintaining your landscape. Call today to get started towards a healthier lawn and all the benefits that come with it!

Hardscapes and Patios

The hardscaping aspects of your landscaping services are just as important as the plants you choose to put in, in terms of aesthetic appeal. For the best results, you need plants and hardscaping that can work together. We know how to achieve that, no matter what unique challenges your lawn might provide. Below are just some of the hardscaping services we provide:

  • Gravel and stone walkways or barriers
  • Brick driveways, walkways, and features
  • General paving
  • Patios, Pergolas, and decks
  • Fences and retaining walls
  • Outdoor kitchens and water features

Most of these items, while adding curb appeal, also serve some great functional purposes. Patios, pergolas, and decks add comfortable spaces to entertain in, while things like fences, outdoor water features, and outdoor kitchens make that even easier.

As long as you choose a trusted landscaping service, such as Advance Landscaping and Sprinklers, any of these updates are sure to add aesthetic and functional value, as well as property value to your home. Contact us today to learn more about your hardscaping options.

Water Features and Ponds

The last component of landscaping, often reserved for only the most pristine of landscapes, water scaping is the cherry on top of a magnificent landscape. These additions to your landscape will not only look nice but will get you that much closer to a natural ecosystem existing within your property. There are two main types of water scaping available from Advanced Landscaping and Sprinklers, each with their own benefits:

  • Flowing water features — These features are usually made from some type of stone or concrete and can provide a soothing centerpiece to your landscape. They can often be integrated with plant life as well, so your water-flow serves a more functional purpose.
  • Ponds — People often scoff at man-made bodies of water, but the truth is that over time, it will become a natural functioning body of water. With the installation of a pond for your water scaping needs, you’ll be opening up your space to a variety of wildlife.

If you think a waterscape addition to your home would benefit you and your lifestyle, contact Advance Landscaping and Sprinklers to ensure that it gets done the right way, so it holds up over time and you can enjoy the soothing effects of water scaping for the long term.

Contact Fort Collins Best Landscaping Services

If you’re not convinced yet of all the amazing benefits that landscaping services can provide, let us give you the extra push. We’re available to you whenever you need to go over your landscaping needs and we’re sure we can find a design that will fit both your lifestyle and your budget. Call Advanced Landscaping and Sprinklers today and see how we can make your landscaping dreams come true!