Starting to think about grand plans for your garden, landscape, or lawn this spring and summer? If so, then don’t forget that the landscape renovation process goes more smoothly when you start in winter. If you’re planning an entire landscape renovation, then chances are that you’d like a little hardscaping thrown in as well. In areas with more mild winters, such as Loveland and Fort Collins, winter is a great time to install major non-plant features.

Whether you’re looking for installations that make your backyard more suitable for entertaining or ones that make your landscape into a natural oasis, there’s almost nothing that Advanced Landscape and Sprinklers can’t handle. If you know there’s some serious work to be done before you reach your dream landscape, then start with Advanced Landscaping today. If you’re struggling for ideas, here are a few major hardscaping features we can get started today.

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Hardscaping For Your Landscaping Renovation

Pathways — Pathways are some of the most basic features you can make to your garden or landscape. Because they don’t usually require too much work into the soil, these are definitely something you can get started with in winter. Whether you want standard gravel and bricks or stones and styles of your own choosing, we have options that will work for you.

Patios — Patios are a logical first step for those building out their backyard entertaining space. While there are varying definitions of a patio, they are typically stone or cement features that extend from the exterior of your home and are flush with the entrance. They don’t usually include overhead features, although some of the more luxurious versions do have one. Patios make for great spaces to set down lawn furniture, grills, smokers, and some can even include stone ovens. You start out as basic as a cement slab or adorn your yard with Italian marble. Patios provide truly endless possibilities!

Pergolas — Pergolas are a great option for those looking to add a little extra to their patio and stay a little closer to nature. These beautiful overhead patio features are usually wooden and are a great way to add semi-covered seating to your patio. Though there are many different design options you could go with, they all include some amount of weather and sun protection for the people or items underneath. They’re also a great feature to build your garden around because of how suitable they are to hanging or climbing plants.

Decks — The major differences between decks and patios are what they’re made of and where they lay. While patios tend to be made of stone or cement and lay flush with the edge of your home, decks are typically made out of wood or composite material and elevated to meet the floor of your home. 

The architecture of your home and the land it rests on may determine whether or not you can build a true deck, but they offer some opportunity that patios don’t, including extra storage space and making it much easier to add certain features. Features like hot tubs, cabinetry, and plant boxes are just a few of the things that go much easier with a deck than a patio.

Outdoor Kitchens — This last one may incorporate aspects of all the hard features we’ve listed here today, or makes a great compliment to each. This hardscape feature will make your house a neighborhood destination for holidays and will act as the kitchen to your patio or deck “dining room.” They can either be installed on an existing patio or be built separately so entertaining doesn’t get in the way of your cooking space. With stone or electric ovens, sinks or dishwashers, brick or stone features available, and all variations of grills, there are tons of options available to be the centerpiece of your landscape renovation.

Depending on how advanced you want to make your outdoor kitchen, some of the work may have to wait ‘til spring, but winter is a great time to get the design, framing, and surface-level work done.

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With all the different possibilities your landscape holds, there’s no reason to hold off on your hardscaping features. Get the renovation process started now, so you can enjoy your new landscape from the first grill-worthy days of spring to the last fall fire. Call Advanced Landscaping and Sprinklers in Fort Collins to get started now!