Start your summer off strong with landscaping service in Ft. Collins. Maintaining your yard in the summer can be overwhelmingly exhausting due to the heat. Bringing in the experts from Advanced Landscaping & Sprinklers will take the weight off your shoulders, so you can enjoy the best season of the the year with peace of mind and a smile. Keeping the lawn well fertilized will give it the nutrients it needs. However, that means the grass will grow at a faster rate. If you fixate over the appearance of your lawn you may be committing one of these three common mistakes:

  • Mowing too low and too frequently
    • Grass is a living organism so the lower you cut it, the harder time it will have growing and obtaining nourishment.
  • Watering too much
    • If you water too much it essentially is drowning your grass.  If you want to keep your lawn healthy and alive, water on a regular schedule with a few days in between.
  • Using the wrong type of grass
    • Different climates and locations require different types of grass. Make sure you are using the proper type of grass for your landscaping needs.
  • Trust a landscaping expert
    • Call us today and schedule your summer service!

Our team is trained to prune and trim hedges and shrubs properly to provide a good cosmetic appearance and overall well-being of the plants. We can also remove and or transplant trees, shrubs, and hedges to you liking. So, sit back and relax during the summer because we have you covered.