Take it from our expert landscaping service in Ft. Collins, there is one simple step you could take that could benefit your garden in endless ways. It is true! Mulching is the best way to transform your garden without breaking the bank. There are many benefits of mulching, from promoting general garden health to limiting the number of pests and weeds that invade your precious fruit and vegetable patch every year. It seems as if every garden could use some mulch. Here are 4 reasons why:

  • Traps Moisture
    • Both organic and non-organic mulches will protect the soil from the hot summer sun effectively preventing evaporation and allowing better water retention. If you live in a warm and dry climate, this can help you save water when it matters the most.
  • Deters Pests
    • Due to oils that serve as a natural insect repellent, different types of mulches have the ability to ward off certain pests.
  • Prevents Erosion
    • By trapping moisture, mulch will prevent rainwater from washing away your soil. The protective layer of mulch can prove to be invaluable at saving the integrity and structure of your garden.
  • Limits Weeds
    • A nice layer of mulch will work to control unwanted weeds because sunlight will not be able to reach the soil where the weeds will be sprouting from so they will never have a chance to grow.

Mulching provides many benefits to your garden, not to mention it looks great! This summer, make sure your garden is protected. It really is just that easy.