If you’re planning to remodel or renovate your landscape this year, then spring is the time to start setting your plans in stone so you can enjoy your landscape by the time summer comes around and the sunshine is in full swing. Landscape renovations can be time-consuming, so make sure you get your design settled before the landscaping contractors around you are booked for the season.

With Advanced Landscaping and Sprinklers in Fort Collins, you can have your Fort Collins or Loveland home equipped with a landscape design that will be the envy of your neighbors. Whatever your personality, we can design a landscape to fit your needs, we could provide ample space for entertaining or an area to serve as your oasis from the chaos of everyday life. However, no matter what type of landscape you’d like, there are some considerations you must make first.

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3 Questions to Consider When Designing a New Landscape

There are a ton of variables to think about when it comes to designing a landscape, but most of them involve whether you have the space and resources to make your landscape into a thriving and functional one for the long term.

What’s the Focal Point of Your Landscape Design? 

If you’ve been thinking about undertaking a landscape renovation, then chances are that you have one or several specific purposes that you’d like it to serve. Whether you’re designing the space to be your tranquil resting place or you’re designing it for maximum entertainment will help determine where you should place things and what features are most important. 

For example, if you’re designing a backyard for entertaining, then you may want to use foliage or waterscape features, such as a fountain, as a centerpiece and leave other trees, shrubs, and flowers on the perimeter, so your guests will have a natural gathering space as well as room to move around. 

On the flip side, if you’re just looking to add a little more nature in your life and an easily accessible, relaxing space to read a book and enjoy the sunshine, then you may want to work with your landscaping company to establish a mini-ecosystem, right in your backyard. Ponds, irrigation, and proper planting can invite wildlife in and create an environment that mostly sustains itself.

Is the Environment Right For Hardscaping, Water Features, and Foliage?

One thing you’ll have to consider with all of your landscape renovations is whether or not your land has the capacity to provide for the hardscape, waterscape, or plants that you plan on installing. Some landscapes just won’t provide for certain types of plants, and others are either too dense or not dense enough to provide stability for certain hardscaping. There are many different types of soil in Northern Colorado, so much so that they can vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. Most of them are suitable for hardscaping and water features, but you’ll have to get in touch with a landscaping contractor to see if your soil can provide for the flowers, trees, shrubs, or other foliage that you want.

Will There Be Extra Costs After Installation?

Maybe the most important thing to consider when doing a landscape renovation is how much extra time and money the landscape will cost you to maintain in the future. This can vary greatly depending on the extent of your design. 

More advanced irrigation systems will cost you more money in the long run, but they also help provide some of the indispensable qualities of the best landscapes, and when used with sustainability in mind, they might even help take costs of your grocery bill. Ponds, streams, fountains, and other water features may have to be treated from time to time to make sure they’re safe from bacteria, algae, and other contaminants, but they also help invite more natural wonder in your landscape. 

You could go the opposite route as well and go with a completely dry landscape, virtually devoid of watering needs, but most people choose something in between, as hardscaping and foliage is relatively easy to keep up once it’s been installed and the plants have taken root. If this is the case, then the biggest asset of protection you might need is just something to protect your landscape from wandering animals and teenagers — a fence.

Having a fence installed is a pretty common measure in Fort Collins and Loveland, so don’t worry about offending the neighbors. Considering your fence installation in your design will help you determine the space you’re working with as well as what plants, hardscape, or water features should go where.

Start Designing Your Landscape With Advanced Landscaping and Sprinklers Today

If you want to have your best landscape this summer, then Advanced Landscaping and Sprinklers can help you with the perfect design for your Fort Collins or Loveland landscape. Without knowing the ins and outs of lawn work, it’s very hard to design a landscape that will work seamlessly with its natural features. Call or contact us today to get your design started so you can enjoy your new landscape by summer!