Landscaping in Ft. Collins wants to help you get ready for spring with some helpful tips to get your property looking picture perfect.

  • Lawn Care
    • We are sure your lawn is a sorry sight after the last six months but with a bit of work you can bring it back to life. The most important thing you can do first is to be sure to rake the lawn out before doing anything else. If you miss this step, anything you add such as seed or fertilizer will just sit on top rather than getting into the soil. Be sure to add weed control and crabgrass preventative.
  • Plant and Transplant
    • April and May are good time to plant roses, flowering shrubs, fruit trees and plants. if you are not sure what to plant you can contact us! We are able to help you and design your landscape project. As far as transplanting your existing plants time is running out. Many plants are starting their spring growth and you will want to get them to their new spot before the heat of summer rolls.
  • Pruning
    • If you need to prune trees and shrubs it best to do it before spring growth begins. For flowering shrubs you will need to wait until they finish flowering. Spring is the best time to cut back roses. Contact our experts for specific pruning questions.

Preparing your landscaping can not only add curb appeal to your property but splashes of beautiful color are sure to be the talk of the neighborhood.